Astro Anarchy

Businesses dedicated to satiating demand for Astro equipment can only stand out from the crowd when the requisite business acumen is combined with a genuine interest and passion for the hobby that so pre-occupies and inspires their customers.

Every company dreams of success and any retailer understands very well that there are a few critical ingredients which must be present to have even a chance of making good on that dream.  The first is to offer value for money, keep prices low and maintain a good level of stock and the second is to build a proven track record of being part of the community you are serving.  Peter Teodorovic, more widely and affectionately known as ‘AstroPete’ is the master of both. He is no opportunist responding expediently to shifts in the market, only lowering his prices when e is forced to do so, rather he has resolutely maintained an ethos of fairness and value for money that commands attention and forces all other retailers to take note.  He has also demonstrated time and time again that he is not merely paying lip service to the Astro community. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk too.  His reputation is not, like many others in the world, purely virtual because he is an extremely active member of the Astro community. He can often be seen attending public outreach events organized by others, as well as organizing his own, regular star party gatherings at a variety of locations in and around Brisbane.

AstroAnarchy are often first in line when it comes to stocking the very latest, up top the minute releases from the vendors with whom he has built a reputation for reliability and right through the Pandemic maintained generous levels of stock.

In short AstroAnarchy are a mainstay of Astronomy in our community and has been sponsoring the Queensland Astrofest for as many years as anyone can remember and a most welcome and fitting Gold sponsor for this year’s event.

We look forward to welcoming Pete at Duckadang this year.