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Welcome to Queensland Astrofest

The Queensland Astrofest has been the major star party in Queensland since its inception in 1993, and is open to all amateur astronomers. It is convened by the South East Queensland Astronomical Society, the Brisbane Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Association of Queensland, the Amateur Telescope Makers of Queensland, the Southern Astronomical Society, and in 2013 we were delighted to welcome another local astronomy club, Star Gayzers, to take part in Queensland Astrofest and to inject some new energy into the event.


Astrofest 2022 is on. It will take place at Duckadang from Friday 22nd July through to Sunday 31st July 2022.

The July new moon this year falls on the last Friday, the 29th July. On the first Friday, the 22nd the moon will be rising just after midnight and by the Monday it won’t be rising until 03:42 so we should get a good run of clear, moonless nights.


Important notes about registration – please read FIRST!!

Registration has started and we thought it might be useful to give you a few pointers to try to provide some clarity:

  • You do NOT need to log in to the Qld Astrofest website to register. Registration is completed without a login (and in fact the Committee and Webmaster are the only ones with a login anymore). If you have an old login, that will no longer work.
  • We did not manage to get PayPal sorted in time to include as an option so booking your place at Queensland Astrofest will require payment via bank transfer or cheque and your place is only confirmed once payment is received.
  • Please do not transfer funds until you receive your confirmation email from the Registrar.  We need to confirm sites and other availability first and this avoids having to make adjustments later.
  • If you are planning to stay in the dormitories the process is fairly straightforward. You simply book select the dates you will be present and your registration class i.e. Adult, Pensioner, Child. Once done, you can then opt to book lunches and/or dinners as well as the Astrofeast.
  • If you are planning to sleep in either a tent or a caravan, there is an extra step required. Once registration is open you will see that there are two separate things to book. One is the caravan or tent SITE, which is free of charge and the exact site is allocated by the Registrar on a first come first serve basis. The second is the campervan or tent OCCUPANCY.  This is the step where you book how many people are attending. It is very important to do both, book a site and then book the occupancy. You need to make one booking for each occupant.
  • Note also that due to limitations of the software (which is meant for buying things online rather than a one-off event like Qld Astrofest) you can book a site for different dates to the people staying in the campervan which doesn’t make any sense! Please just be careful when you do your booking that dates all match up. The Registrar will check when the order is received and will contact you if there are issues before confirming the booking.
  • You can also buy Raffle tickets as part of your booking, and they will be put aside for your arrival at Duckadang. You can of course also buy raffle tickets in advance from your society or at Duckadang during Qld Astrofest.

Use the Registration menu above or go to the Registration page directly.

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Pricing for Astrofest this year is as follows:

Booking Type Adult (16 +) Infants 0-2 Child  3-15 Pensioner
Early Bird $42 Free $39 $37
From 15 May $45 Free $42 $40

Catering will be provided as usual by staff at Duckadang as follows:

Lunches $15
Dinners $18
Astrofeast $18

Catering is of course optional but if required, must be ordered with your site booking. Self-catered cooking will be available with gas burners as usual at the Rotunda. There is also a small fridge and a sink in the Rotunda.

We will again have a walk-in cool room onsite and portaloos on the lower campground. Caravan and campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis, which is another reason to ensure you book early because there is a finite number of powered sites available. No reservations may be requested prior to Saturday 30th April.


As mentioned in the previous update the raffle is taking place this year but with a few amendments that places emphasis on quality over quantity. Notwithstanding that we have close to a dozen separate prizes with a combined value over $10,000 up for grabs to the lucky ticket holders.  Tickets should be available in advance via your society and at Duckadang during the event.

Full details of all sponsors are not yet finalised, but we do already have a number of committed sponsors. I will update the details as and when they are known. Currently, the known prize inventory is as follows:

The sponsorship rules have changed so now sponsors for the raffle will be able to choose which level of sponsorship they wish to hold: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

  • Gold sponsors provide prizes with a value of $1500 or above.
  • Silver sponsors provide prizes with a value of $999 to $1499
  • Bronze sponsors provide prizes between a minimum of $250 to $999

*To find out more about becoming a sponsor click Sponsor Information

Sponsors Prize Value
 1 Celestron Starsense 5” DX™-dx-5-smartphone-app-enabled-refractor-telescope
Luminos 31mm Eyepiece
Nexyz Phone Adapter
Celestron 40” Telescope Bag
2 Skywatcher TWO Star Adventurer Astro Kits
$699 each
3 Testar QHY247c
4 Astro Anarchy ‘NEW’  Star Adventurer GTi with GTi Tripod 62ED
5 Palmway Optical 1 x Mirror coating
6 SailPoint Saxon 20×80 Binoculars×80-astronomy-binoculars.html
7 BINTEL Imaging Gift Card, can be used against Cameras / guiding accessories, or even a down payment on that new mount you’ve always been wanting! $1000
Visual Gift card, can be used against everything from a new telescope or that amazing eyepiece you’ve all wanted $1000
Swarovski Optik Habitcht 7X42 GA Binoculars×42-ga/5006115
8 UNIFY Solutions Details coming soon $1500
9 Optolong
  • Optolong L-Extreme 2” ($439)
  • Optolong L-Enhance 2”($339)
  • Planetary kit 1.25”(LRGB + IR pass 685nm) $484

Total Value $16,363.98

Please also click on the company name in the left column for each of the sponsors and read their profile – a small gesture for their generosity.

As you can see, the total value currently exceeds $15,000! Raffle ticket prices this year have increased a little, but as you can also see the value of prizes is also significantly higher than many previous years.

Tickets prices are:

  • $5 per individual ticket
  • $14 per book of 3 consecutive tickets
  • $45 per book of 10 consecutive tickets
  • $130 per book of 30 consecutive tickets
  • $210 per book of 50 consecutive tickets

Tickets can be booked using the online registration system. Tickets are not valid or allocated until payment is received.