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Terms and conditions

By registering you have agreed to comply with these rules and regulations.

Arrival at Camp

The camp is open from 8am on Friday, 22nd July. Upon arrival, please register at Rubie House (the Committee House). This is important as Lions’ Camp Duckadang requires a daily list to comply with fire safety regulations. Registration is Open when the “Registration” sign is posted on the Rubie House doors.

  • Registration: 10 am-12.00pm and 2 pm-3.30pm each day.
  • Final Saturday: 10am-12pm.

Registration times on the final Saturday afternoon, don’t really exist as the programme is so busy. Just find a committee member (the people with the red lanyards) and ask for the Registrar. Please seek out a Committee member if you are not able to be “on-site” at registering times, (i.e. come up for one night and arrive late and will be leaving before the next day’s registration time).

There is no motor vehicle access to the campsite after twilight. Night parking areas are available outside the gate and in the lower field (site map). When you register you will receive a name badge (please wear it!), a Bed/Room Number (if applicable), an AstroFeast ticket (if you have purchased one), astrophotography competition voting forms and sponsor information.


Due to the constant demand for on-field power, the Committee has taken steps to provide access to this. Over-loading of circuits may occur, so it is advisable to bring your own UPS or battery backup to protect your important equipment.


Please be prepared for the cold by bringing multiple layers of clothing and bedding. The temperature commonly drops below zero on the observing field. Observing doesn’t require a lot of exercise so you will become very cold. Freezer suits or ski gear is popular observing wear. Jackets that cover your kidneys are ideal for keeping warm. Jeans are not warm; tracksuits are better especially layered with thermal underwear. A hot water bottle inside a jacket is a very good idea too. There is a Zip hot-water tap in the Dining Hall so filling one only takes a minute.


Cooking is NOT permitted in ANY of the accommodation areas at ANY time. If found doing so, the Registrants will be asked to leave immediately. In the event of fire, the Registrants will be held personally liable as per Lions’ Camp Duckadang insurance policy and asked to leave immediately

Bunk Houses

Bunks have been allocated on the basis of registration and payment. Every attempt has been made to accommodate your preferences as indicated on your registration form. Each bunk will have names and numbers to make it easier to find. When unpacking, you may park close to the bunkhouse or kitchen, but please move your car into the parking zones when you have finished.

The two bunk houses, McDonald House and Jamieson House, are divided into dorms of four bunks without doors. Please enter and exit via the Amenities area to avoid disturbing other campers. There is a common area near the main entrance door.

There is a Single Ladies area in Jamieson House that is curtained off for privacy. Families stay in Bayley House, which has four or six bunks in each of the seven rooms available.

Each accommodation block contains communal shower and toilet facilities and has been renovated in the last few years. All houses have 6″ thick single bed mattresses provided for each bunk. You will need to bring ALL bedding, including pillows. The bunk houses are open plan and quickly become cold if the outside doors are left open at night.

Bring plenty of bedding: going home with unused blankets is much better than having to go home early because you were too cold to sleep! Be prepared. A hot water bottle is great value. You can use it under your jacket outside, and then in your bed.


When camping, please position your tent to use up as little space as possible as these areas will be packed by the end of the camp. The camping areas have been marked on the site map. Campers use the shower facilities of the bunk houses closest to their campsite (McDonald/Jamieson or Bayley). No mattresses may be taken from the bunk houses for use in tents without Registrar approval. During set up you may park close to your tent, but your vehicle must be moved to a parking zone when you have finished.


Caravans and campervans have numbered sites with a varying width between 4m and 5m. These are allocated by Registration and particular spaces may be requested. Due to construction of a Ropes Activity area, less spaces are available than in previous years, however there are now four additional sites behind Jamieson House.

In the Lower Camping Area there is no size limit or marked sites as yet (see the site map, back page). Power is available near the tennis courts. Please use the shower facilities of the bunkhouses closest to your site if required (McDonald/ Jamieson or Bayley). There is no facility for 15-amp power on site. Please bring an adapter to 10-amp power if required.

Day Passes

Registrants who are not staying overnight at Duckadang must park in the Lower Camping Area. This enables you to leave after sunset so you don’t need to worry about chatting too long or missing out looking through the BIG scopes.


If you need to move your car every day, it is recommended you park in the lower car park to minimise dust. Your parking spot in the top car parks cannot be guaranteed if you leave it. On the final weekend, all available parks will be full. Please plan for this.


Noise is always a problem for the sensitive person. Please use common sense when dealing with this issue. Strict rules apply to all registrants. Earplugs are available from Registration.

  • No noise, including use of showers, will be tolerated before 10am in and around the bunkhouses (McDonald/ Jamieson), campsites and caravans.
  • The newly constructed Ropes Activity course will be out of bounds for the duration of the camp.
  • Children must not play in the playground and/or putt-putt golf before 11am. Areas without morning noise restrictions are: Bayley House (family house), Hamilton Hall, the Kitchen and the lower Tennis Courts.


Due to continuing complaints, parents must be aware of their child’s behaviour around peoples’ equipment, the noise they make and their behaviour with other Page 5 children. Do not let them play in the playground or near tents until after 11am each day.

Light Sensitive Issues

Queensland Astrofest is a RED light zone; after twilight white light will not be tolerated on the fields, in tents or in the toilets. Some observers are only up for a few hours and appreciate good views too. Please keep all light emissions to a minimum as a courtesy to others, e.g. Vehicle locking and interior lights, laptops, torches, headlamps and cameras, etc. Many key-button locks flash the indicator lights. In most cases just locking it with the key solves this problem. If not, please park in the lower car park as a courtesy to others.

LED Head Lights

This will be the last year of use if problems still arise from the use of these lights. If you have an LED head light please see the Committee for a “brightness reducer”. Without modification these torches are too bright. DO NOT have them facing straight ahead, aim them downwards. Use a dimmer and the white LEDs must be disabled or filtered.

Laptop Usage on the field

A laptop on the field must be set up in a box and with a red cover for the screen. Reduce screen brightness to minimum and try to angle it away from others. Do not lift the red shield at any stage. If you need to see the screen clearer, use a light red gel with a grey gel on top. No matter how careful you are you will emit a noticeable bright glow every time. Escaping bright red light and unshielded green Please use red gel (professional lighting film) over all light sources. Red cellophane is not sufficient.

Red Gel

Red and grey gel is available in approximately 400mm x 300mm size. Smaller sizes are also available. There are two densities of red gel. The lower may need two thicknesses, or an additional layer of grey, depending on the screen brightness, and your preference. Laminating the film makes it more durable and should be available at the camp. Just ask when you are over at Registration.


This is the final get together for the week. AstroFeast includes a choice of meat, vegetables, and dessert with coffee/tea (from the kitchen). Dinner will be served in the hall. Vegetarians are welcome to sample the range of vegetables available. After the AstroFeast we draw the Raffle prizes and award any prizes won during the week.


Camp Kitchen

The Camp Kitchen is located inside the Rotunda. There are two gas burners, electric fry pan and also microwaves available. The Committee also hires a large walk-in Cold room. Please keep the space you require to a minimum, as it will be full by the final weekend. No Eskies are allowed in the cold room as they take up too much space, so grab a box or a bag to store your items and put your name clearly on it. There are mugs, plates and cutlery available in the Dining Room. After meals (whether catered or not) please rinse your plates, cutlery and mugs before putting them in the dishwasher rack.


There is a free laundry, with a front loader machine, at the rear of the kitchen with a washer and dryer if you need to use it. Bring your own washing powder.

Recycling Bins

Please place rubbish in the correct bins outside the Cold room. Fines are imposed on the Camp, if incorrect items are found.

Telephone Coverage

There is no mobile coverage at Duckadang due to the hills. There is a Telstra phone available for use outside Rubie House. You need a prepaid voucher (i.e. 1800 Telstra PhoneAway) to use this phone. Most Post Offices sell these and the Camp Managers may have a limited number of $10 vouchers available on-site.

Telescope Fields

The Northern Observing Field is designated as the Visual observing field where only dim red lighting must be used (including laptops and camera LCD screens etc.). The Central Observing Field is more suited to Astro-imaging where the policy for screens is more tolerant. See Astrofest etiquette for specific details.


To avoid power failure, the use of electric heaters and/or mains hair dryers at night is strictly forbidden, either on the fields, in tents or caravans. UPS and/or battery backup is strongly recommended to protect delicate equipment. Power stations have been set out across both observing fields. These are for everyone’s use. Plug into them with a powerboard. Ensure your equipment is in good condition to ensure it will run without tripping the circuits.


Please take note of car, caravan and pedestrian access when you set up; the roads and walkways will be marked on the grass.

Recreation Activities

The facilities available at/near the camp include:

  • Rotunda with seating and a gas barbecue
  • A cold water drinking fountain at the rear of the kitchen
  • Observatory with a 9.25 inch telescope
  • 3m-8m deep reach of Brisbane River for fishing/canoeing
  • Quiet country roads to wander and enjoy the rural atmosphere
  • Bird watching
  • Two compact tennis courts and a basketball court.

Your Responsibilities

Registrants are expected to keep the area you use clean and tidy. This involves removing all rubbish, replacing any furniture that was moved and sweeping out your area (kitchen, bunk and bathroom) when you leave.