What an amazingly successful few years Adriano and the team at Testar have had! They have had a profound impact on the local astro scene. Although between them they have 23 years of experience, the name Testar is far more recent, inaugurated as a company only in 2019 and yet one feels as though they have been around forever.

Astronomy is special and astronomers know that the everyday word ‘retailer’ is far too prosaic to capture the nuanced and profound relationship customers are seeking with those they purchase from.  You can’t fake interest and when we buy new equipment it is also an opportunity to share our passion with those supplying us, in the full knowledge that they experience the same sense of wonder and excitement as we do ourselves.  That’s what you get with the Testar team!

The Testar mission statement only hints at their role in our community when the website states, “The mission of Testar Australia is to offer a place where the beginner or the expert astrophotographer can find everything they need for their setup” and it goes on to say “We are not just a shop! Where manufacturers cannot provide, we will deliver custom solutions for your setup

Take a casual look at the Testar website (https://www.testar.com.au). If you are an Astro-imager in particular, it is a smorgasbord of every name in astronomy you have ever known, an extremely impressive line-up of equipment, more typically than not, in stock.

It is fitting that Testar are Gold sponsors of this year’s Qld Astrofest and we look forward to meeting the team in person if they are able to travel to the event.