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Astrofest Raffle 2017

The raffle has been a regular event at Queensland Astrofest for many years, and its operation has changed little in all those years.  


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  Sponsor Prize Winner
1 Starlight instruments $200 gift voucher Ken Wishart
2 Software Bisque $99US Voucher Peter Davis
3 Bintel ZWO ASI1600MC-C Cooled color astronomy camera Ray Johnson
4 Telegizmos  $100 gift voucher Tony Kim
3 Piece Kit: 7mm (1.25″ Barrel), 15mm (1.25″), 23mm (2″) 82° Ultra-Wide Field of View Long Comfortable Eye
Peter Davis
6   Meade 10×50 Binoculars   Nick Ulich 
7   Skywatcher Wifi dongle  Renato
8 Bob Grimes 6” inch f10 Dobsonian telescope, eyepieces 12.5mm and Keller 25mm, silvered and over coated mirror Peter Davis
9   500×500 occasional table refurbished by bob Louie Howarth
10   Saxon 10-30 x 50 Binoculars John Waugh 
11   40cm/16” SONIQ Digital HD TV Dave Larkin
12 Bunnings 2 Step platform ladder Linda Porter
13   2 Step platform ladder  Stephen Surma
14 Astro visuals Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Nahama ruzic 
15   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Ray Johnson
16   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Louie Howarth
17   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Renato
18   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Louie Howarth
19   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Nick Ulitch
20   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Peter Davis
21   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Dennis Salmon
22   Space Flight DVD, star charts and solar viewer Tracy Roelands
23 ATMQ Cloudy night Project mystery prize Renato
24   2” eyepiece extender Peter Davis

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Here are the guidelines under which the raffle operates.


Why do we have a raffle?

To support the cost of running Astrofest!  An event like this has a lot of costs, more than just the food and lodgings that most people consider.  There is insurance, the cost of repairs/replacement of the light shields and red lights, the cost of equipment that allow the Committee to operate the event effectively (eg the safe, the cash register, walkie talkies, loud speaker, computer…).  The profits from the raffle cover these costs, and have allowed the Committee over the years to largely absorb the increasing costs of these items and of food and lodgings.

Where do the prizes come from?

Each year we invite vendors locally, interstate and overseas to sponsor the raffle through the donation of prizes.  We have been amazed over the years by the contributions made by sponsors from around the world, but especially by those Australian sponsors who have regularly contributed.

It is important to note that these contributions are welcomed, but not expected.  We’ve all seen years when things have been tough, and the prizes that are available reflect this year to year.

The Committee publishes lists of prizes and sponsoring organisations on the website, and in recent years has tried to provide additional information and links to the sponsors websites in order to promote those businesses.

In some years, the Committee has organised additional prizes (through personal donations or purchases by the Committee) to supplement the prize pool. 

Who can buy tickets?

Anybody!  Tickets can be purchased:

  • Before or during Astrofest
  • Regardless of whether a person is attending Astrofest or not
  • Regardless of whether a person is an astroclub member or not
  • Regardless of whether a person is a vendor or not

There are no limits on the numbers of tickets any one person can purchase (apart from their ability to afford them).  

Note that Astrofest Committee members are not elligible to purchase tickets any longer.

How do you buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in any ofthe following ways:

  • Prior to the event by approaching the Astrofest Representative from your Club
  • By contacting the Registrar by email at registrar [at] qldastrofest – org – au.  Requests must be made by Wednesday prior to the draw on the last Saturday of Qld Astrofest.

  • From members of the Committee at the event

How much do tickets cost?

$2 per ticket or $5 for 3 tickets.

How is the raffle drawn?

The raffle is drawn during the Astrofeast on the last Saturday as part of the awards ceremony.  The process has changed a little from year to year, but generally goes like this:

  • A final call for ticket purchases is made at the Astrofeast
  • All tickets are “scrunched up” and placed in the barrel (these days we have a lovely clear barrel with a handle, courtesy of Bob Grimes)
  • The master of ceremony, after other awards are announced, calls for somebody to draw the first ticket.  This is usually the main speaker of the day if they are still with us, or some other notable person if not.
  • The ticket winner is announced to the hall, and the lucky winner gets to select the prize of their choosing.
  • The winner then draws the next ticket from the barrel, and we repeat until all prizes are exhausted (some years the next ticket is drawn before the prize is selected to expedite the process).
  • If a ticket is drawn for somebody who is not present, another person from the winner’s club (or otherwise close associate) makes a selection on their behalf unless that person has already registered a specific request with the Committee.
  • An individual may be drawn more than once, and is entitled to one selection per winning ticket.  They do have the option of declining (in which case another ticket is drawn) or allocating the selection of a prize to another member of the audience.
  • Sponsors who are present at the draw are entitled to have their photograph taken with the winner (and the donated prize)

Other notes

  • The Committee tries to publish the list of winners on the Astrofest website as soon as possible (subject to post Astrofest exhaustion).
  • In the event of a dispute, the chair of the Astrofest Committee has full and final say on any resolution.