Palmway Optical

You may not be at all familiar with the name Palmway Optical, but many of you are missing out because right here in Australia, NSW to be precise, we have Dr Wayne Sainty. Dr Sainty’s achievements and reputation is global. This former CSIRO scientist has led the way in the development of a range of ion beam systems specifically intended for thin film deposition processes. He has been responsible for over 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers on the subject and holds no less than 8 world patents for his designs. Happily, for astronomers this work naturally led him to designing better systems for coating mirrors of all types. Including telescopes.

If you have ever owned a telescope with a mirror, you will already know that over time imperfections in the original coating become apparent. Eventually the surface coating will be so compromised that it will surely negatively impact the reflectivity of the mirror and it is time to re-coat the primary in your telescope.  Enter Palmway Optical.

How fortunate we are to have this level of experience and expertise on our doorstep. For all his significant and impressive achievements, Dr Sainty is a most unassuming individual and exudes the confidence that your expensive mirror is in good hands and will be restored to full reflectivity using the most advanced systems available anywhere in the world today.

Palmway Optical have kindly agreed to coat any mirror up to 30” as a prize in this year’s raffle and, more excitingly has agreed to visit Astrofest this year and present a session where he will explain the mirror coating process.  I am certain this will be a most engaging talk.