ExtraVision Australia have donated yet more accessories:

1 x Baader Skysurfer III red dot – $38
2 x Waterproof accessory case – $48 each
1 x Universal mobile phone adaptor – $129


The Sky Surfer III offers several advantages over the typical low-cost red dot finders. The extra-large 30mm optical aperture, and improved optical quality delivers a much larger undistorted view and razor-sharp red dot.


The iTec protection case is perfect for outdoor storage. If you need to protect your items against dust, the weather or being crushed, this is the case for you!
The foam insert can be cut to the shape of the items you want to protect.
Perfect for storing expensive items like Thermal cameras, Night Vision and other high end optics. 


Take photos with your mobile phone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope.
Simply attach the adapter to the eyepiece of your optical device and once you securely attach the mobile phone, you will have the ability to take photos or videos using your phone's camera.
Now you can see distant objects as if they were up close, or even take photos through a microscope.