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Many amateur astronomers will relate stories of turning up to public outreach astronomy events with such an impressive array of telescopes that the question “are you a professional astronomer” is as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun.  The simple fact is you don’t need to be a professional astronomer to be passionate about science on such a grand scale. All you need is the capacity to submit to the sheer scale of the cosmos, to experience that indescribably profound sense of wonder. It brings with it a humbling perspective that tempers our sense of self-importance. All astronomers know that feeling well.

Amateur astronomers, spend only some of their time pursuing their hobby. They also have lives outside astronomy, they have families, homes and work, all of which contribute to a sense of well-being and fulfilment.  They will purposefully seek out employers that resonate with and value their passion as critical success factors.  Enlightened employers understand this need for fulfilment and they understand too that if that same creative passion for life outside work can be nurtured and harnessed, the dividends can alter the trajectory of the company’s fortunes.

UNIFY Solutions has passion in their DNA. As recognised experts in the field of digital Identity Security, they never lose sight of their vision to be the most exalted company in their niche. Passion and dedication to perfection is the hallmark of the company. UNIFY folk are truly evangelical about the services only they can provide and they know this comes from the same place as that passion that so compels and inspires astronomers around the world to aim higher.

The world of IT shares much in common with astronomy and indeed most of the astronomy we do today relies heavily on practitioners being highly computer literate. Many astronomers are themselves already working in IT and at times, Astrofest could just as easily be called IT-Fest because of the sheer number of participants who work in this field.

It is of no consequence that astronomy plays no direct part in UNIFY’s business, because UNIFY is without a doubt a company that aspires to be very much part of the community they serve. They recognise the importance and value of being part of life outside work.  Who knows? Some people attending Astrofest may even be future employees, attracted by their vision of personal employee fulfilment. If you identify with astronomy and wish to explore Identity Matters further, UNIFY are always interested to hear from you and are ready to embrace your passions.

The Astrofest committee are delighted that UNIFY has agreed to become a Gold sponsor for the first time and hopefully they will pave the way for other IT companies to recognise the value of supporting community science.