Astrofest Etiquette

Queensland Astrofest is a great opportunity to observe in clear dark skies and mix with fellow astronomers.
The following rules have been prepared to help ensure a pleasant and successful camp for all.



On arrival, check in at Registration for bed or camp site allocation and to collect your name badge and free pack.
When setting up telescopes and equipment, take care to minimise tripping hazards. 


Driving within the grounds should be kept to an absolute minimum. 
Speed limit in the grounds is 5 kph or walking pace only.  This is for safety and to minimise dust. 
No vehicles should be driven in the grounds after dark except in case of genuine emergency.  Vehicles arriving after dark or planning to leave after dark, should use the night parking bays outside the front gate or park in the lower area (tennis court gate).  Use parking lights only to turn in.  Use due care. 
The main gate will be closed at twilight on Friday and Saturday nights.  Park only in designated areas.  No vehicles are to be parked on the observing fields.


For the preservation of the dark site environment, dim red lights only can be used.  White light (and bright red light) quickly destroys night vision, which takes up to an hour to fully recover.
The Northern Observing field has been designated the visual observing field where strictly only dim red lighting must be used (including laptops and camera LCD screens etc).  The Central Observing field will be more suited to astro imaging where the policy for screens will be more tolerant.
Any computer screens or digital camera LCD or similar used on the visual observing field must be fitted with a deep red gel type filter (as used in theatre lighting) or similar (cellophane is not sufficient) and a light screen.  Laptops, camera screens etc used on the central observing field need not have a deep red filter but must be operated at minimum brightness (with additional neutral density filter if necessary), have a light screen and be facing outwards from the field or otherwise so as not to annoy or affect the night vision of others.  A cardboard box on its side can be used to make a simple but effective light shield.
When walking around, aim red torches at the ground.  Headband red LED torches should be aimed downwards, dimmed and if possible, the white LED’s should be disabled or filtered.
All lights in buildings at the camp will be changed to red.  There should be no white lights in tents and any caravan white lights should be disabled or a red filter applied.  Make sure your car can be entered and locked without activating any lights, otherwise the lights should be taped over.
Please come with your equipment prepared.  The committee will have available a limited supply of red gel filters for laptops and torches, LED headlamp dimmers, black tape etc.
Green lasers are not to be used at any time.


When moving about at night, tread warily to avoid leads and other potential hazards.
For connecting scopes and equipment to 240v, use only the safety switch distribution points.  One outlet per person.  If you need more, bring a power board.
Do not touch or use another person’s equipment without permission or an invitation.
If you want to play music or a radio, keep the volume low so that only you can hear it.  If in doubt use earphones.
No noise at all (including use of showers) around all dormitories until 10 AM except the Family House.
Clean up after yourself in the kitchen, dining and laundry areas.
Be aware of and thoughtful of others in mixed sex dormitories/toilets/showers.
As power is available on site, no generators are to be used.
No pets are permitted on site.


The Duckadang camp site is classed as a Youth Camp and the surrounding area a Wilderness Sanctuary so we are required to have only 2 designated smoking areas. These areas will be clearly marked and have a cigarette butt receptacle. They are near the pool and at the front gate. No smoking in any other area will be permitted.
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