The Queensland Astrofest Clubs

Queensland Astrofest is organised by six astronomy clubs in South-east Queensland.  See below for information about these clubs.



The Brisbane Astronomical Society (BAS)

 What makes the Brisbane Astronomical Society such an exciting group is our friendly and motivated amateur astronomers covering a broad range of interests. We welcome beginners taking their first steps to exploring the skies and seasoned amateurs alike. Our members enjoy and share observing and imaging, organising public viewing events and school nights. Some even take part in international research projects or discover supernovas or variable stars.

Come and meet us at one of our monthly meetings or even better come along to a public viewing night. You can expect a friendly atmosphere, good company, like-minded discussions and practical advice for novice and experienced observers. 

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The Southern Astronomical Society (SAS)

The SAS was formed in 1986 to promote Amateur Astronomy. The Society actively encourages Observational Astronomy, Astrophotography, Telescope and Observatory Construction. Many of our members specialize in one or more forms of observing and have indeed become very proficient. Our members have contributed data for lunar & planetary observations, comet observations, variable star observations and supernova searching. Some members enjoy building telescopes, including the optics, observatories and ALL our members have at some time or other enjoyed a good AstroCamp! 

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The Amateur Telescope Makers of Queensland (ATMQ)

This dedicated groups of specialists have been crafting unique instruments for many decades.

For more information: Bob Grimes or Laurie Billman.


The Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ)

The Association’s principal objectives are the fostering of the science of astronomy, encompassing research and public education, and the encouragement and support of observational astronomy.

Meetings are held monthly at the University of Queensland and regular field nights are held in Brisbane and at dark sky sites. The AAQ publishes a monthly newsletter, an annual proceedings and has an extensive library available to members. Members may also hire telescopes owned by the AAQ. Membership is open to all those with an interest in astronomy.

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South-East Queensland Astronomical Society (SEQAS)

The South East Queensland Astronomical Society Inc consists of a group of amateur astronomers who get together and share their views, ideas and telescopes with friends and fellow members.

SEQAS Inc has expertise within the club in areas of astrophotography, deep sky observation, computers, CCD and video cameras, and lunar and planetary and solar observation. SEQAS has an extensive library of books and videos for members to use at no charge. We also have a number of telescopes for hire for club members at reasonable rates.  

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Star Gayzers

Star Gayzers is a new amateur astronomy club specifically for the LGBTI community. It is designed to be a place where you can be among like minded people and delight in the night sky in a social, relaxed and safe atmosphere.

To be part of Star Gayzers all you need is a desire to make friends with new people in a setting outside of the regular club, pub and party scene, while enjoying the delights of the heavens.

We have 3 types of get-togethers. Firstly and most regularly are our monthly meetings. At these meetings we take the opportunity to catch up with other members of the group, discuss matters of astronomical interest and learn some of the theory needed to aide our sky watching.

We also have regular dark sky field trips. This is where we take our telescopes, binoculars or just a blanket and get away from the lights of Brisbane for the evening. This is a great chance to see the sky the way it is meant to be viewed. You may like to bring a friend and spend the evening on your blanket under the heavens. Finally Star Gayzers also puts on bigger events. This is an opportunity for us to open our ranks to the broader LGBTI community and raise our profile.

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