Welcome to Queensland Astrofest 2019

The Queensland Astrofest 2019 will be held once again Lions Camp Duckadang near Linville, between Friday, 26th July and pack up Sunday, 4th August 2019


Early-Bird registration due to open late April/early May.

Speaker information TBA


Pricing for 2019

CategoryEarly-bird PriceNormal Price
Adult $33 $35
Pensioner $30 $32
Child $23 $25
Day Pass   $8
AstroFeast   $17
Lunches TBC   $12
Dinners TBC   $14

Lunches and dinners (except AstroFeast) will be invoiced directly by Lions Camp Duckadang and must be paid for prior to 15th July to the Lions Camp Manager NOT to Queensland Astrofest Registrar. The costs of these meals will not appear on your registration Total Cost.


Restrictions on bookings for 2019 

Lions Camp Duckadang have advised that there will be a number of restrictions this year, as follows:

  • maximum number of people allowed on site overnight of 100 (regardless of whether they are bunking/camping/caravaning/tent)
  • maximum of 4 x 14” caravans at the top level
  • maximum of 10 camping sites
  • maximum of 6 additional campervans (Wicked sized) 
  • maximum of 8 camping or caravans on the lower area

Whether people are camping/caravaning or campervanning, the number of people is included in the 100 people maximum overnight site limit.


Pricing for 2020

Following conversations with Lions Camp Duckadang management, we would like to give people advance warning of price rises for 2020, as follows:

  • Adults will be $37
  • Pensioners will be $34
  • Children will be $26


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