Heliofind Solar Mount

SkyWatcher Australia have donated a Heliofind Solar Mount, valued at AUD 599!


Using Sky-Watcher’s revolutionary technology; the Heliofind mount can be easily operated by anyone in the family.  With just a push of a button the mount will start slewing clockwise in the azimuth direction to search for the sun. If the tripod is moved by accident, users can easily start again and the Heliofind will quickly find the sun.

This is great set up for beginners to observe sunspots, eclipses and  the transit of inner planets.

Package includes : 
  • HelioFind Solar Tracking Mount


The mount is designed to work with attached solar telescopes ONLY. Do not point other types of optical device at the sun; looking directly at the sun without a certified filter will cause immediate and irreversible damage to the eyes or instrument.