Ask almost any astronomer in Australia today to name one company they trust implicitly, and you can be sure the name BINTEL will resonate loud and clear. Such trust isn’t simply happenstance. Rather, it is the result of doing the right thing by customers day after day, month after month and year after year.  BINTEL are unapologetically and rightly obsessive about their reputation for customer care because they understand nothing matters more than you, dear customer.

As many of you have no doubt experienced, all too many times, purchasing new and often expensive astronomy equipment is a pleasurable but also a most thoughtful exercise and requires a fair degree of diligence. We research reviews online and talk endlessly to fellow astronomers, but we are nearly always circumspect when it comes to taking advice from people whose very job is to sell us things!

It is different though when the people we talk to are members of the BINTEL team. Try it for yourself.  All doubts and hesitations dissipate because it is clear, that we are talking to people who speak our language.  How often has a mundane call to ask about stock turned in to a delightful exchange between two similarly enthusiastic astronomers. Barriers are immediately broken down. We feel free to discuss the pros and cons of important pending decisions. To bounce those thoughts off someone more concerned that we end up fit for our purpose purchases and not simply something that suited the seller more.

John and Clare Mills, Directors of BINTEL since 2019 have both had long careers in customer-facing positions and thus understand a thing or two about looking after patrons. It helps that they are lifelong astronomers themselves and every visitor to the Queensland Astrofest at Duckadang is fully cognizant of the important role BINTEL have played over the years in astronomy, at the national level.

Take a look for yourself at the BINTEL website and you’ll discover one of the most comprehensive arrays of alluringly exciting Astro equipment to help you take your astronomy to the next level.